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Ph.D. Antonio D. García-Abril

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Antonio García AbrilAntonio D. García- Abril (1958) is currently the Director of the Research Group for Sustainable Management (SILVANET). Associate Professor in Landscape Planning and Project Engineering, at the College of Forestry, Technical University of Madrid (Spain) since 1991. Collaborator of the European Commission in 1989, he has also professional experience as a consultant.

Antonio Garcia-Abril has been in charge of 9 research competitive projects and collaborated in 14, he has also worked in a number of projects for companies and the Administration.

He has participated in 66 publications, 25 of them international publications.

He has worked in landscape planning, biodiversity conservation, remote sensing applied to forest structure and forest management, environmental impact studies and close to nature management. He has been one of the promoters of the introduction of the close to nature management in Spain, as President of the forest association Pro Silva.

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Antonio Garcia-Abril was the first Director of the Forest Remote Sensing & technology Laboratory, FoReStLab, which is the associated Laboratory for external services, projects and reports on Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, Territorial Planning and related activities.

Laboratorio de teledetección aplicada a la gestión de los recursos naturales y ordenación del territorio