Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería
de Montes, Forestal y del Medio Natural

Engineering and Technology to promote prosperity while protecting the planet

The School of Forest Engineering and Natural Resources (ETSIMFMN, UPM) offers multiple courses in the fields of: Sustainable land use and wildlife management; Preservation and restoration of the natural environment; Forest wood and non-wood products industries and technologies

Degree in Natural Environment Engineering

240 ECTS Credits

The Degree in Natural Environment Engineering trains professionals with solid scientific, technological and socio-economic foundations to develop and apply environmental technologies (ecological, territorial and topographic, information systems, construction, hydraulic, mechanical, electrical and electronic) necessary for natural environment management in accordance with the today's society demands.

The main professional activities of the graduates focuses on the natural ecosystems management, conservation and protection, and the restoration of ecosystems degraded by human action or after natural catastrophes.

The specific training allows the integration in multidisciplinary teams of institutions responsible for natural systems and resources management, advisor and environmental engineering companies, and environmental monitoring of works.

Specialisation: The course plan includes two orientations or itineraries with specific training in Area and Species Management and Detection and Correction of Environmental Impact.

Graduates can access to multiple master programs of specialization in the field of nature engineering.

Degree in Forest Engineering

240 ECTS Credits


  • To train professionals in the fields of planning, industrial processing of forest products, and assessment and sustainable management of forest areas and the rural environment.
  • To enable students to obtain multidisciplinary training through which they will specialise in areas such as forest planning; forest industries; environmental assessment; project management; techniques for analysing and processing information; and sustainable management in the forest sector.
  • To enable students to:
    • Direct or participate in forest management projects.
    • Draw up and implement forestry engineering projects.
    • Conduct projects in the field of forest industries.
  • Specialisation: The degree includes two itineraries aimed at the specialisation in Forest Management and Forest Industry.


Degree in Environmental Technologies

240 ECTS Credits


To train professionals able to identify current environmental problems and, to know and apply the suitable technologies for their resolution.

To prepare professionals for the improvement and management of the processes, systems and sustainable products involved.

To train professionals able to lead multidisciplinary working teams and occupy positions of responsability in the companies and I+D+i departments in the sector of environmental management (e.g. residues treatment; environmental services; sustainable transportation and construction; and recovery of natural resources).

Majors: the Degree offers three majors focused on the expertise in Environmental Management in Civil Engineering, industrial Engineering and Natural Resources Engineering, leading to provide the student with the skills required in these areas through practical methodology.