Universidad Politécnica de Madrid Universidad Politécnica de Madrid

Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería
de Montes, Forestal y del Medio Natural


The School of Forest Engineering and Natural Resources is a newly created School. It started in 2009, responding to social environmental concerns, and teaching fully renew academic programs within the framework of the European Higher Education Area.

The School has its origin in one of the oldest forestry schools in the world, born in Madrid in 1848 to train engineers -Forest Engineers- in charge of protecting the forest legacy applying sustainable management techniques. Eight years ago, the School changed to its actual name to reflect better the new academic programs, including grades focused on environmental management and protection.  

The School offers undergraduate and graduate degrees, with solid engineering foundations for diverse career options adapted to the increasing demands of labour market. Main profiles of the offered degrees are:

Degree in Natural Environment Engineering: studies leading to the professional field of natural spaces protection and impact restoration.

Degree in Forestry Engineering: studies leading to the professional field of sustainable management of forestry, and forest products transformation.

Degree in Environmental Technologies: studies leading to the professional field of development and application of suitable technologies against intensive ecological degradation.

The offer is completed with master and doctorate degrees: Master in Forestry Engineering, Master in Ecosystem Restoration, Uses and  Management of Water Resources in Natural Environment, Master in Fighting Forest Fires, PhD in Advanced Forest Research, Phd in Ecology. Conservation and Restauration Ecosystems and Phd in Engineering and Management of the Natural Environment.

The accredited faculty of professionals and researchers promotes practical training outdoors, international mobility and practicum or internships experiences, based in agreements with national and foreign universities, companies and public institutions.  

The School is located at the Ciudad Universitaria, the biggest university campus in Madrid. It settles in an emblematic building, with arboretum, fish hatchery, laboratories, libraries, sport courts and gardens that create an appropriate environment to combine studies and recreation.