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Master "Uses and Management of Water Resources in Natural Environment"

This Master’s Degree aims at meeting the increasing demand for specialists in the management of the water resources in the natural environment.

In the last decades, due to the rising urban, industrial and agricultural water consumption, a new social demand for the ecological quality of the ecosystems where water becomes essential has emerged. The Water Framework Directive and the Water Law have considered this social demand, which prescribe that the water resources can be used as long as the ecological quality of all the water bodies in the natural environment is guaranteed.

Due to the obligation, now regulated, of developing River Basin Management Plans for the sustainable management of water and the ecosystems related, it becomes necessary to have professionals for the design, implementation and monitoring of these plans. These professionals have to be trained to:

  • Develop strategies consistent with ecological quality for the management of river ecosystems.
  • Develop and apply diverse methods for the quantitative and qualitative optimization of the water resources.
  • Restore degraded aquatic ecosystems.
  • Plan cultural and recreational uses of river and marsh ecosystems.
  • Create aquaculture production systems compatible with sustainable development.