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Research Group for Sustainable Environmental Management

Silvanet is the Research Group for Sustainable Environmental Management of the Technical University of Madrid (UPM). Its main research lines are:

  • Ecology and sustainable forest management: stand structure, competition and growth of forest species.
  • Modelling and simulation of natural processes.
  • Remote sensing: multispectral, object oriented classification, LiDAR, etc.
  • Design planning and management of natural areas.
  • Quantitative methods in environmental management: Optimisation of spatial allocation of forest activities, non-parametric analysis for dasometric measurements.
  • Landscape and territorial planning: forest externalities, forest policy, rural development, demography...



Quantitative techniques in participatory forest management 


Here you can download the app of SiLVANET

  • FoReStLab: 
  • Associated Laboratory for external services, projects and reports on Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, Territorial Planning and related activities:
Forest Remote Sensing & territorial planning Laboratory

and FoReStLab are in the Moncloa Campus of International Excellence

R+D+i Observatory of UPM


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